Monday, March 14, 2011

What a feminist looks like


I am a feminist despite the stigma.

I am a feminist because I grew up with strong women in my life who told me I could do and be whomever I wanted.

I am a feminist because I believe women can own whatever profession they choose, be that stripper or housewife or Secretary of State.

I am a feminist because I'm tired of the bodies of women being used against them as tools of torture, control, or denigration.

I am a feminist because people more quickly hear and respect what comes out of a man's mouth.

I am a feminist because, statistically, women are still paid less for comparable work done by their male counterparts.

I am a feminist who can cook you dinner, knit you a scarf, and take a complex scientific issue and boil it down so you can understand.

I am a feminist who appreciates the chivalry of a door held open or the offer to put my bag in the overhead compartment of a plane. Just don't do it because you think I'm incapable.

March 8th was International Women's Day, and there was big push online for women to proclaim themselves feminists. Given that it's Women's History Month (really? what do these specially designated months mean?), I say better late than never. Because, really, standing up for the rights of your gender, race or ethnicity should be acceptable any day of the year.

The formatting idea for the photo came entirely from the talented Kara at i just might explode.

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  1. Not sure why you expect chivalry. Chivalry and feminism are mutually exclusive. Chivalry gives women gender-based preferential treatment. I'm sure that entire concept is opposed to feminism. However, some feminists are completely content with gender inequality if it happens to benefit them in some way.