Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Funny face

Fear can be such a debilitating feeling. It can affect what we do no matter its intensity. Even just a tiny bit of nervousness can keep us from venturing into the unknown. When Ravena and I settled on dinner this evening, she suggested we try out this new vegetarian restaurant in Chantilly. She called it "an adventure." I accepted the challenge, all the while wondering what I had gotten myself into. I've dabbled in vegetarianism a couple of different times during my life and have managed to even cook with tofu once. However, I had never really been to a strictly vegetarian restaurant. I'm what I consider tofu picky, and generally prefer my vegetarian fare of the Mexican variety.

I countered my skepticism by hitting up 7-11 for a pre-dinner hot dog. I had had a fairly healthy, non-meat lunch and wasn't taking any risks. After I met up with Ravena, we headed to Lotus, the newest (and maybe only) vegetarian restaurant in Chantilly, Virginia. Turns out Lotus focuses on Asian cuisine. Hmm. The warning lights were still flashing. There are so many bad or mediocre Asian restaurants to happen upon, what were the chances a vegetarian one would be any good?

How wrong can a girl be? Very! What followed was seriously the best Chinese food that I've ever had. I had the Sweet and Sour Palate, which amounts to sweet and sour chicken minus the chicken but with fried soy protein. I know it sounds scary, but it tasted fantastic. I'm not a foodie blogger in the least and suck at describing tastes, but the sauce was perfect. I also had a spring roll (thumbs up) and sampled Ravena's dumplings and General Tso's (just as tasty). I wish they delivered because this would definitely be my go-to place for Chinese.

Maybe next time I'll be a little less fearful of my next adventure.


  1. Oh....my....lord does that sound marvelous.....

    I just ate a hotdog. Not so marvelous. Maybe I will go there for lunch tomorrow!!

  2. It's not that i require meat in every meal (heavens no!), I just don't understand the appeal of non-meat food made to taste like meat. Vegetarians are weird. Don't even get me started on vegans.

  3. Here's the rub. A lot of people who are vegetarians like meat...a lot. They just choose to not eat it for other reasons and are the ones who sometimes miss meat. Plus, everyone needs protein in their diet. Another up side of the fried soy protein was the consistency. It was the right firmness, and unlike meat, I didn't have to worry about any weird chewy pieces or errant parts that gross me out. I'm weird though. :-)

  4. Randi9:48 AM

    Where in Chantilly is this place?

  5. Hahaha! I have spread the fever! Randi, its in the shopping plaza where Bungalow Billiars and Kmart are on 50.

    I went back on Thursday and got something completely different and OMG! Its still effin good. This place may just ruin me for my neighborhood Chinese place.