Saturday, February 02, 2008

The apocalypse list

You may or may not know that I am obsessed with stories (literature/movies) with post-apocalyptic themes. I just finished a new anthology of post-apocalyptic fiction called Wastelands, and it once again got me thinking about my list. Basically my emergency preparedness list for things I need to do and have in order to be ready for the end of the world (any standard rapture scenario aside).

So, without further adieu, part* of my apocalypse list**...

1. Start a running regimen - All good survival stories involve running in one form or another. I need to be able to outrun the giant tidal wave or run faster than the other fleeing mass of people. Running seems like a basic skill that would improve chances of survival. I hate running.
2. Learn kickboxing - Along the same lines as running, this just seems like a good skill to have in terms of survival. You just never know when you're going to need to kick a little ass and defend your loved one.
3. Learn to garden - If the end of the world comes, the modern food chain (3 ears of corn for $1 at Wegmans) will likely no longer exist. Assuming there are still parts of the world whose environment will grow crops, a girl needs to learn how to reap and sow.
4. Learn to build a fire - It seems easy and basic enough, and I plan to stockpile matches. However, knowing what the average boy scout and caveman know should be essential.
5. Build basic supplies - While I realize that looting would probably be what would happen after a while, it would be nice to at least begin my end of the world scenario with a few basics. Gauze, duct tape, rope, flashlights and batteries, candles, water purifier (like you'd use camping), knife, etc.

*This is only the beginning of my list :-)
**Yes, I fully realize you may now think I'm a freak.


  1. I want to learn how to hot wire a car and break into locks...but not for the apocalypse or anything.

  2. Great now I can feel completely inadequate and unprepared for the big one.

  3. Don't forget to "Learn How to Shoot Guns". You know that there are going to be some crazy people running around wanting to take your supplies!

  4. Oh how I love this list... I am not compiling my own Apocolypse List in my head. "Learn Morse code" is on there.

  5. streakr8:13 PM

    Every progressive\liberal\Dem should own at least two guns, a shotgun and revolver.

    If the SHTF (stuff hots the fan) you'll need to defend your turf and kickboxing and a knife are not up to the task.

    Just my opinion and I hope I'm wrong

  6. I think that learning to shoot guns works if you are going to have a LOT of ammo. Maybe you could knit some of those ammo vests--that would be sweet! Actually, one of those would turn that horse into Rambo stallion!