Sunday, November 25, 2007

You cut me

I've been lost in thought a lot lately. I've been thinking about the little ways we cut the people who wander through our lives. Friends and loved ones whose lives so intertwine that sometimes it gets confusing as to where one begins and another ends. Connections that not only strengthen relationships and build closeness but that also sometimes wind up like twister. As bigger, more painful life experiences happen to us I wonder why these twists...these inadvertant cuts hurt like they do.

My goal for the holiday season is to embrace simplicity and attempt to cut those around me less (and take their cuts less personally).


  1. I was thinking along similar lines this weekend when a friend said something horrible to me. Pretending it was a "joke," she didn't even apologize. Got me to thinking about the power we have over other people, and whether we use that power for good or ill.

  2. Simplicity can definitely be a good thing sometimes.

  3. Oh! But cutting people can be so much fun (you know that I'm sadistic)!!!!!