Monday, October 22, 2007

Sometimes it's fun

Real story with male customer yesterday:
(while looking up books by a particular author)

him: Is that tattoo on your hand permanent?
me: It is.
him: I like your earrings.
me: Thanks. The robots match the one on my leg.
him: Really? Let me see. (leaning over customer service counter)
me: (pulling up my skirt to show tattoo)
him: wow.
me: Well, it looks like the only book by the author you gave me is How to Get a Woman in Bed. (and I start cracking up hard core)


  1. PRICELESS. Sometimes Life just lobs them over the fence :)

  2. hahha, I would have cracked up, too.

  3. makes it worth a mean customer or two. but it makes me wonder- how did he repond? shock? amusement? obviously he didn't complain to a manager...

  4. I'm obviously hanging out in the wrong bookstores. :)