Thursday, September 20, 2007

We brought Italy back

In the ongoing saga of my kitchen and learning to cook, Steven and I "made Italy*" last night in the form of lasagna.

Lest you think we took the easy route, Martha Stewart and her damn Blueprint magazine (<3) taunted me into making my own meat sauce. Steven was my hero in using his muscles to break up pieces of the tomato, so I wouldn't have to deal with a chunky sauce; however, our one mistake was chilling on the balcony and admiring the trees. When he popped his head back in to check on the sauce, we discovered it had started to burn. Oops! A little bit of water and spicing (and tasting) and we were back on proper footing. Layer upon layer upon layer, and it was done. I don't know about Steven, but I felt smidge of pride when we pulled it out of the oven, and it looked all golden and yummy. One thing I've figured out about cooking is that I enjoy it a lot more when I'm cooking for and with people. The social aspect of food bringing people together is nice ancillary benefit. *according to Allie


  1. sounds yummy! too bad I was at work;)

  2. Anonymous5:48 PM

    Pride: Check!


  3. I'm glad that Rocco didn't eat ALL of it so you actually did have leftovers... for Ravena. ;-)

    You and Steven should cook for me more often. I could definitely get used to it! Next time though, Ben and I will clean the kitchen.

  4. Oh, that sounds sooo good!

    And I agree...I think it's fun to cook and share food with friends and family.

  5. I highly recommend you make my Famous Tortellini Lasagna, stolen from my best friend! It is as follows:

    - two bags of frozen tortellini
    - 1 jar of spaghetti sauce
    - 2 bags of shredded mozzarelle cheese

    1. Put thin layer of sauce on bottom of lasagna pan
    2. Put layer of frozen tortellini
    3. Put layer of cheese
    4. Sauce
    5. Tortellini
    6. Cheese

    Keep repeating that to your heart's content (or you run out of room). Cook at 400 degrees until the darn thing looks done (when top cheese is melty and starting to brown, and the sauce is all sorts of boiling). Remove from oven, let cool about 2 seconds, and then voila! Dig in and enjoy.