Monday, June 11, 2007

Evil people need to be crushed

Every now and then the universe tosses a truly horrific person into my life to remind me of just how terrible people can be. I seriously hope the universe doesn't expect me to respond in some kind of peaceful manner because some people deserve retribution for their actions.

Case in point. Early on in my Sunday shift at the book store, I was helping a customer in the children's department locate several books when a woman walks up to us and asks if I could help her locate books by a specific author. I explained to the woman that I was with another customer but would be happy to help her as soon as I was finished.

This woman suddenly turns into the evil bitch from hell as she actually has the nerve to get attitutude and say that my current customer has been monopolizing my time for 10 minutes and that I'm the only one back in that department. I explain to the bitch that she is more than welcome to go to customer service and someone would help her sooner. She then asks for my name so she can tell management how unhelpful I have been.

My customer is truly appalled that this woman had the nerve to insinuate her time was more important and apologizes to me. I explain that I am more than happy to continue helping her becuase what the woman with the ugly personality did was rude and bad manners. On hearing this, evil customer starts going off, and I basically tune her out. She manages to pull a real doozie out of that meager brain of hers in the hopes of doing me lasting harm. She ends by wishing me luck in my position there and telling me what a lowly position it is.

I turned back to my current customer not bothering to justify her comment or inform her that I actually had a pretty damn good job and only worked at the bookstore to support my expensive hobbies. She didn't need to know that. I only hope she comes to interview where I work, so I can assure she is never hired.

That said, I am a person who refuses to let people talk to me like that. Once done with my customer, I searched the aisles of the book store, so I could let her know she was never to speak to me like that again and how inappropriate she was as a person. Lucky for her*, she had already left.

Of course, on explaining what a horrific experience I had had to management, I start crying from all of the anger I had been holding in. I really hate that I cry when I get mad.

*And probably for me because I would have seriously had to restrain myself from punching her.


  1. Unbelieveable!

    Hopefully karma will take care of her.

  2. I worked at a bookstore for 6 years, so I totally feel your pain. Every time someone would make me that mad, I'd end up shedding a couple tears in the bathroom (or having a smoke when I still smoked). Working retail is thankless. Sorry you had such a terrible experience.

  3. customers like that make me sad to be a human.

  4. OMG, what a bitch. She's lucky you didn't find her. You would have fucked her shit up. Hag.

  5. wow. that is a story and a half. man, i would dwell on what i would say to her for days. i think you handled it well

  6. Anonymous11:22 AM

    OMG! I'm suprised you didn't cuss her out then! Maybe her husband left her that day or something. She probably fell into a pothole and died sometime she left the bookstore that day. Hee hee!

  7. I empathize totally, and my stomach turned when I read your story, remembering my "favorite" customer service experience, which involved a complete lunatic throwing a stapler at me, promising to call The Washington Post and report how she was wronged, then dismissing me in my own office.