Sunday, November 12, 2006

The episode where they drove all the way to Richmond

Who drives an hour and a half for sushi? Evidently we do. The girls piled into two cars last night sans boys* and hit I-95 hard, like Bobby hit Whitney. Despite potential roadblocks***, we had a table and buckets of tots in front of us by 9:30. Yes, I said the sushi restaurant. You may laugh, scoff even, but tater tots with tot sauce do make for the perfect appetizer on a sushi-filled evening. The sushi menu always presents a problem because there are just so many things to try. You find yourself wondering if you should even bother with the California roll or tuna roll even though you really like them. Last night my sushi partner and I went for the hot hippy, goochland, garden of eden, and unagi. It was my first go at unagi, and I'll admit to being afraid. It was much bigger than I anticipated, and I sat there worrying if I'd have to choke it down. I got a kick out of Allie telling herself she was practicing for the Amazing Race. Obviously, she missed what they had to eat in last week's episode, or she would have known there was no comparison. Luckily, no choking occurred as I discovered that I actually liked unagi. *whew*

*Despite our better efforts, they** flaked.
**Well, one flaked. The other had to work.
***Does parallel parking count as a roadblock?


  1. I would gladly eat that cow's tongue if it were between that and GOAT CHEESE IN MY SUSHI

    oh man i still gack thinking about it.

  2. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Ah, young grasshopper... rookie mistake. Never have an appetizer at a sushi place... it just fills you up.

  3. Dan, you've obviously never eaten the tots at Sticky Rice.

    Speaking of grasshoppers, I'd gladly eat those over that STUPID GOAT CHEESE.
    I'm just sayin.

  4. I would definitely eat a grasshopper!

    And yeah, Dan, don't knock the tots! Mmmmm, I want some right now.