Thursday, February 03, 2005

Has my name been flagged or something?

Maybe it's my roommate's security-clearance job? Maybe the fact that I announce loudly and often that I hate GW Bush and that there is anarchy in my cube? Maybe it's that I work for an environmental group and, as a community, have been labeled as terrorists by this Administration? Who knows, but whatever the reason, I now seem to have a flagged ticket every time I fly. This means I get sheparded to a special area and get to undergo special "security" measures. What security measures, you ask? Having that special security wand waved over every inch of your body while you stand there, legs spread and jacket-less. It's getting a body pat-down and having all of your carry-on items thoroughly searched. It's having your reading material examined to make sure you didn't bring anything subversive. Good thing the guard wasn't literate enough to know about Henry Miller.

In other airline news, one of women I sat by proceeded to try to fix me up with her single son who works in Hastert's office and ended up giving another couple a ride home to Chantilly (weird, weird story but basically nice people....hopefully).

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  1. Anonymous9:04 AM

    they flag any person that has been out of the country, ever. we got flagged coming here from germany. my dad gets flagged every time he deploys. so don't feel bad... feel.... uh... special.