Sunday, September 26, 2004

Witch hunt on the Apprentice

What the hell?! I was BLOWN away by the blatant racism that was the Apprentice on Thursday night. I know reality TV is only a mirrow on society, but the fact that Donald Trump out and out validated the racist witch hunt that was Thursday night made me see red. Yes, the Apprentice was racist last season (reality tv just keeps showing us how racist we really are), but this was my final straw. I refuse to watch the show and validate it with my "Neilsen Ratings" (if by some freak chance they're magically captured).

Did you see it? From the beginning none of the other girls have liked Stacy J. (the only African American female) and have used the fact that she got a little spastic (or at least was edited to appear that way) as a reason to get her kicked off first. During Thursday evening's boardroom, the other two people up on the chopping block started talking about how during the first task they all thought Stacy went a little crazy and how scared they were. Trump then calls all of the girls back in to the boardroom to validate this and talk about how crazy Stacy is and how scared they were. Then he fires Stacy J. because he "believes" the other girls?! No indepth questioning...just the word of a bunch of backstabbing bitches who can't seem to handle anyone who isn't like them. Unbelievable. A rubber stamp for that kind of fucking racism right on camera. I shouldn't be surprised...really I shouldn't, but I can't help it. Will this bullshit ever end?

Boycott the Apprentice. Write Trump and NBC.

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